Flying the flag.


I’ve recently found out that I am an ambassador for the 2016 edition of the Haute Route.

For those of you who haven’t heard of the Haute Route, it’s a seven day cyclosportive across some of the most demanding terrain possible for skinny folks on bicycles to traverse; the French Pyrenees and Alps, and the Italian / Swiss Dolomites.

It’s a highly competitive event attracting ex-pros, seasoned racers, and the very enthusiastic / foolhardy. Unfortunately I fall into the latter category. It’s fully supported and is timed throughout, thus offering the closest experience to stage racing that you can find as an amateur. You should check it out.

As an ambassador, I am one of a small group of riders that have ridden the event before and will be returning for 2016 that are tasked with spreading the word, networking with the cycling community and generally being the ‘men on the ground’.

I’m super-excited to be involved and am looking forward to the networking and engagement with my like-minded riders and members of the industry that it will involve.

Bring it on.


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