Me, now


I write this on a Sunday morning at 9am… yes, I should be halfway into Kent by now, going up the official sunday ride superhighway for those in South East London: Layham’s Road, the most direct and quiet route from the Crystal Palace area to Westerham and Brasted in Kent, where the lanes and fearsome bergs of Kent commence.

Anyway, I’m not doing that. And am trying not to think about it.

Since around about day five of Haute Route Alps 2015, i’ve been having tendon issues in my left foot / ankle. It came about from the massive miles and effort that was put into that week and te resulting rubbing of my tendon on my shoe tongue. Initially it was swelling up, then, on the final day, turned into full on tendinitis in the bottom of my shin. When I got home I gave it a good rest for a couple of weeks, however, scar tissue had developed and a small lump over the tendon, where my foot joins my shin, had developed. I adapated my shoes to minimise the rubbing and restricted my miles for a bit and it calmed.

However, it’s now come back again. I’ve been speaking to Nic, the physio I’ve been seeing a lot over the years, and she suggested restricting my milage again. After a week or so of fairly directionless and cautious turbo sessions, it’s not easing at all and so I’ve bitten the bullet that all us cyclists constantly try to dodge, whether for their own good or not – some days off the bike. The frustration is even greater as it seems that doing strength work in the gym like squats and deadlifts also aggravates it. However, I’m hoping that some proper rest now, in the ‘off season’ will properly calm it down and let me get back to normal for when training needs to commence again properly.

You can kind of see the swelling in this pic if you look to the right and just above my ankle bone.


So, today is going to be a day of trying to take my mind of it and doing some constructive stuff; making stock from the carcass of a chicken i roasted a while ago and crafting it into some beetroot, chilli and cumin soup (it’s AWESOME), tidying up all the crap that I can never be bothered to sort out, and trying to work out how to use this blog. I will also be working on the business plan and finances for my little side project….

Ariege Echape

Ariege Echape is the working title of a business that Matt, a good buddy of mine is setting up.

This is Matt and I watching the Tour De France pass through his village in the Pyrenees in 2015. I believe this was just before or just after the peloton came through and Matt spotted Cav, prompting the mad hollerings of us both in support and appreciation. All the locals who were there purely to get Skoda hats and rubbish t-shirts looked suitably confused.1545839_10100205561467209_7195631794587396335_n

Yes, so Matt lives in a small village in the Ariege region of the Pyrenees called Seix. I know him from when he worked in a great little bike shop in Stoke Newington call Two Wheels Good – if you live around there you should go in for great service and friendly chat ( . Matt is setting up a business whereby he will host riders coming out to the Pyrenees for bike holidays ranging from training camps to leisurely weeks of pootling to a restaurant to imbibe in the fine local cuisine.

I’m helping him out as much as I can by providing my business sense (I’m a chartered accountant and work in financial analysis), passion for riding, and general advice and opinion to help inform decisions and get things set up. I’m also going to be out there a lot when bookings come in to be soigneur; cooking the meals, leading rides, and generally playing mum for the riders. Fortunately I will not be providing massages!

We’re in the early stages of getting things going at the moment, writing business plans, drafting forecasts, working on the direction of the business etc etc. It’s really interesting and super exciting, and you’ll be hearing more as time goes on.


Exciting 6pm update!

The soup was good. I would post a pic of it but I’m trying to refrain from becoming another idiot who fills the internet with pictures of their dinner with some wanky filter applied to the shot (I’ll succumb to temptation soon though no doubt).

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