In anticipation…

A short update…

The road to August starts today:

The Haute Route 2016 routes are being announced tonight at 7pm, and I’m very excited (or is that nervous?) about what lies in wait for me in the Pyrenees, and to generally see what will be coming up for riders in the Alps or Dolomites. Given the start and finish towns are the same as they were in 2015, I expect there will be a lot of similarities, however a few teasers from Haute Route on Twitter etc suggest there will be a few surprises! It’s like waiting for Santa, except knowing that rather than getting some crap socks you’ll be getting a bucket of pain that you can redeem in August.

Below is the 2015 Pyrenees route profile, a quick glance suggests it was less lumpy than that of the Alps, however, that is deceptive – there aren’t any nice flat valleys, but those nasty ‘rolling’ flat sections like you get in the moors of England that really takes it out of you. I’m sure those little blighters will feature in 2016.


Also, I read a lot of reports of some real leg breaking climbs in 2015, with punishing sustained ramps at the types of gradient (10% plus) that you don’t tend to see in the Alps. I think if you’re going to ride in the Pyrenees, you need to be prepared for that – it’s reasonably well known that the Alps are more sustained and constant in pitch, whereas climbs in the Pyrenees are far more awkward and inconsistent, forbidding riders to get into their stride.


As is typical of Haute Route, they don’t do things by halves, and are hosting a party tonight for the route reveal at Look Mum No Hands, one of my favorite venues in London. Of course, I’ll be there and am really looking forward to meeting some new riders and hopefully seeing a few old faces.

I’ll write something in a few days that looks at the route in more detail.


A classy victory

main-logoFor the first time ever, I’ve won a competition! I’ve got tickets for the Saturday of  the inaugural Rouleur Classic. It’s basically a showcase of all the finer (and more expensive) things in cycling, and a celebration of its history and its present.

There’s different speakers and events each day, but on Saturday there will be a session with one of my favourite (ex) pros and cycling celeb, David Millar. No doubt he will be doing a bit of a sales pitch for his new book (which is very good), his new brand (which looks very pricey) and his training camps (which would be hard), but hopefully also sharing some interesting anecdotes and thoughts.

Will write a bit about this in the future too.


I had a bit of a stock up at Notes – the best coffee shop near my office – yesterday and got myself some of their beautiful fruity Kenyan beans, some more papers for my dripper, and obviously, a drink to fuel the cravings (double cortado, my new brew of choice).

Am loving the v60 at the moment. My go-to filter coffee method used to be the aeropress, but there’s something about the whole nerdish process of preparing a drip coffee, with the slow and sensitive pouring of the coffee, that I really enjoy. Small things….

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