A review: Max’s Protein Bars

So, I’ve never reviewed anything before, but always fancied doing so. However, following discussions with an as yet top secret partner, it looks like I’m going to start eating / wearing / trying things and then writing about them! 

So, here’s the inaugaral review….

Max’s Protein Bars


I had never heard of these til I saw them sitting proudly on Athlete Service’s counter. I don’t tend to ues protein bars as I typically have protein powders after a ride or more carb focussed foods and bars for riding.

However, I picked up a couple of the dark chocolate and cranberry bars partly out of curiosity to try this new, small, locally produced (Clapham, London).

The bar contains a decent 17g of protein, and so more or less hits the required and recommended 20-25g protein needed for post exercise recovery. However, the bar could also double up as an on-bike energy food, packing a reasonably solid 23g of carbohydrate into its small and condensed package. Admittedly most ‘energy’ bars tend to contain around 30-40g carb, and so it can’t match a specific energy product in this respect. However, it would be a great thing to eat towards the start of a real long session to give you both energy for the muscles and fuel to rebuild them as you go.

So, the bar is full of the good stuff. Excellent.


One of the things that really made me want to try the bars was the boasts of natural content. Unlike many packaged bars, where the ingredients label can sound like the makings of a science experiment, the predominant content of these is whey protein, oats, dates, honey, cranberries and cocoa; all stuff you can nip round the corner and buy yourself. I try to avoid the heavily processed sports food, particularly when riding day after day, and either make my own (see here or hereor use normal stuff like fig rolls and dry fruit. Thus, this natural focus really appeals to me.

Anyway, so the bar is very natural. Good.


The most important thing however, is it tastes incredible. I love dark chocolate and these bars give the bitter hit that I love. Although it’’s not as intense as a block of dark chocolate, and nor would you want it to be if you were eating it on a ride, the less intensely sweet flavour compared to most bars is refreshing on the gut and palette, with the cranberries providing tart and juicy notes. I can’t wait to get my hands on the other flavours in the range; apple oats and cinnamon, and white chocolate and raspberry.

So, it tastes wonderful.

Lastly, the texture is good, solid, chewy  and not crumbly, meaning that should you chose to eat it on the move, it’s not going to fall apart and stick on your top tube or hit the pavement, and it won’t leave a mini-feast in your jersey pocket if you are more a ‘bit at a time’ bar muncher like me.


Rating: Hors Categorie


  • Probably the nicest tasting ‘sports bar’ I’ve had, packing a good punch of protein, and a decent chunk of carb at the same time.
  • Made of natural stuff and not loads of weird things, and so won’t mess with your stomach, and a good consistency for eating on the bike.
  • My only mild criticism, and this is being real anal here, is it would be good if the protein content could go up a tiny bit to get it to the optimal 20-25g required for recovery from hard sessions.
  • Hide your stash of them or they will be eaten with every cup of coffee you drink, whether you’ve worked out or not.
  • Discover more here: https://maxbars.co.uk/


N.B. Coz I’m sad, ratings are from Unclassified (i.e., totally rubbish) to Hors Categorie (super awesome). Like mountains. Geddit?

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