Au Revoir (for a bit)


Well, just thought I’d say goodbye before I head off to Anglet next week to kick off my Haute Route adventure.

I’ll be racing the Pyrenees event, and three days of the Alps (unfortunately the boring things in life – work and money – prevented me doing a full iron challenge – riding two back to back Haute Routes).

I’ll be riding in the Pyrenees as part of the four man (and woman) SSLL Race Team. We comprise of:

Mel Wasley:  Our GC rider.

Mel crushes cols like she crushes an avocado onto some toast. She WILL podium the ladies event. She only missed out in the Alps as the top three were all pro or semi-pro!  The only one of us actually in SSLL RT proper, the UK racing team.

Paul Deen: Rouleur and bringer of unbridled anger.

Put him on the front and say ‘go’ and he’ll pummel out about 300W all day. I have spent many a happy time staring at his ass and back wheel. I’ve also ridden behind him at events quite a lot.

Nick Cooper: Terrier of the Chilterns / Road Captain

Following him in a bunch is like trying to follow a terrier down a rat hole. A rider of astounding bike skills and able to co-ordinate the most disparate of riders into a smooth running pace line, as he proved at Tour Of Wessex.

Which just leaves me, the letdown of the team.

You know, the one who got picked last out of sympathy. I’m just there to eat the duo bars.


So to anyone who reads this, if you’re out in the mountains at Haute Route and you spot me, please do say hi!

It would be nice to know someone other than my mum and my dog read the blog, and as I’ve said elsewhere, the companionship and comaradarie is one of the best things about the events.

Given you only tend to recognise riders through their bikes or the kit they’re wearing on that day, the easiest way to find me is probably to look out for these:







(Disembodied pics of legs look odd, eh!? Calves / shins respectively. Sorry for the crap images)

If you’re really bored and at home, keep your peepers on my strava for updates


Merci Beacoups 

Lastly and most importantly, I’d like to thank a few folk who’ve been great in the build up to the event:

Laurence and Rob at Athlete Service – for making great progress on an ongoing foot problem, for making my bike run smoothly, and for helping out with a badass jersey and gilet.







George at Infocrank – for helping me with the best training tool a mutton could wish for (no, not a truck load of blood bags, an infocrank).








Vince from Nuffield Health Sports Performance Centre – for helping me get an insight into my body and my performance, and for various bits of tips and advice along the way

download (1)





Max from Max’s Protein bars – for helping me get my hands on some top quality, nutritionally brilliant bars that taste so good they’ll (hopefuly) even bring a smile to my face when I stuff one in my gob after an hour of suffering over the Tourmalet, Bonnette, Izoard, or so many others.



Alex and the guys from Sports Tours International

For providing awesome support, tips and some LOLs whilst i stayed with them for Marmotte and Etape back in July (even if Ed did steal some of my peanut butter).



Au Revoir! 

A write up will come in a few weeks when i am able to use my brain and move my limbs again.

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