Why you should go to The Rouleur Classic

The second edition of the Rouleur Classic is on the horizon, and is being hosted in Holborn (Central London), on 3rd – 5th Nov. Having had an awesome time at the inaugural event last year, I thought I’d tell you just why you should be getting yourself a ticket.

The three day event describes itself as a ‘Cycling Emporium’ and truly is a display of the finest brands, speakers and entertainments a cyclist could wish for.


With each day themed around the three Grand Tours (clever eh), the speakers are diverse and astonishing in their pedigree. Each ‘exhibition’ features a presentation and Q&A from the top dogs of the Tour, Giro and Vuelta (Prudhomme speaks on Thursday, the Tour de France day, for example), and there’s a huge proliferation of further speakers and exhibitions to keep you out of trouble on each day.

Inspirational riders ranging from Sean Kelly to Jason Kenny, David Millar to Laura Trott are given guest speaker slots, brands both old and new are on display (Colnago will be rubbing shoulders with Kinesis for example), and jersey collections will find themselves alongside works of photography and live cookery displays from chef to the pros, Hannah Grant. Of course, all this standing about looking at stuff is hard work, so there’s quality coffee, grub, and booze to keep you fuelled and fired up courtesy of the awesome Look Mum No Hands!


As you’re starting to sense, this is the type of event that only Rouleur could pull off. The gloss and beauty of the printed magazines is reflected in every element of the exhibition.

That said, its not a stuffy showroom for the pretentious and overpaid, with the atmosphere being relaxed and convivial rather than reverential and hush hush. For example, last year I got to ask Bauke Mollemma what his favourite off season food was (staple cyclist answer – pizza), asked Frank Strack of The Velominati the etiquette for recovering from a clipless pedal engagement fail, and was positively encouraged to eat vast quanitites of omelettes and risotto freshly prepared by Hannah Grant, a chef whose cookbook I regularly turn to for inspiration.

If you’re feeling inspired to go along, you won’t regret it. Immerse yourself in the world of cycling culture without that faff of getting cold and wet on the bike. And maybe get inspired to actually go out for a ride the day after.

Get your tickets here: https://goo.gl/KotHAz

Allez allez!

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