The Transcontinental Race: A blog for Massif Central

I’m fortunate enough to have befriended the awesome guys at Massif Central having met them a few times on my wonderings and having written this piece about their beautiful prints.

I’m now even more lucky to be doing a bit of work with Massif Central, predominantly by helping with their blog.

My first contribution is now live on their site, and I’m really proud of both the piece and my involvement in such a brilliant company. As such, I wanted to replicate it here for ‘prosperity’. I’ve screenshotted it out of the MaCe blog so as to preserve the look and feel. The direct link is here:

If you’ve not seen what James and Howie do, you should definitely get yourself over to the site: . They also do bespoke pieces, so if you want a print of something as lame as your commute, or as epic as the Transcontinental Race, give them a buzz.

So, without further ado…:



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